Classroom Management Level 2


This programme is aimed at staff working within classrooms in schools and colleges across the UK in supporting them to achieve positive outcomes with better control. It has been designed with the policies of Department for Education (DfE) in mind and is very much a live course which is updated consistently to reflect any advances, changes or developments within the sector.

The Programme:

  • Understand basic classroom management theory
  • Deliver a positive teaching style
  • Remain positive in challenging situations
  • Create a classroom environment that promotes achievement for all

The CPD certified classroom management level 2 course is an eLearning package aimed at delivering an understanding of the basics of classroom management in education by offering a number of strategies and tools to support day to day management of pupils. The course has a number of downloadable resources to support the course content allowing you to deal with behaviours and the setup of the class to promote an overall better learning experience.

Certification delivers 5 CPD credits.

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