The Benefits of Online Training gives individuals and organisations flexibility when it comes to training. Learning is a very personal journey for each individual. Our online delivery style allows for students to set their own pace, working at a time convenient and conducive to them.

Our virtual classrooms are easy-to-access – you can be in any place, at any time and log in to continue your studies. This means that even if you are away from your usual place of study, you can literally take your classroom with you. affords students the gift of time. By learning online you can choose the times you prefer to study. We appreciate the busy nature of individuals’ day-to-day lifestyles and your obligations with regards to your time. By choosing to study virtually, you can manage your own timetable and schedule in study periods at your own convenience.

Further Benefits of Online Training

Accessibility – access to is immediate. This means that you do not have to wait for a traditional enrollment date. You can access the training you need, when you need it.

Balance – sometimes the pressures of balancing work, home life and study can weigh heavy. With students can access our training packages at a time and location convenient to their lifestyles and other commitments.

Affordability – our online courses are extremely competitively priced. We have worked to ensure we deliver quality training and affordable prices. From as little as £10 per person students can access up-to-the-minute learning.

Simple to Use – we have worked to simplify our delivery methods online. With a mix of videos, fact sheets and other resources our courses are easy to follow for students.

Flexibility – access to training has never been easier, or more affordable. offers a level of flexibility to suit all learners.

Completion Rates Increase – one of the proven benefits of training online is the high numbers of students who complete their training. By not having to commit to a regular classroom-based learning environment, students control their own learning. As a direct result of this relationship with their studies, more people complete their learning journey.

Appropriate – our online training packages cover a number of sectors and there is sure to be something online applicable to everyone who wants to learn. The vast nature of our offer and the affordability of our courses means that individuals and teams can quickly access any training identified at appraisal time and complete almost immediately.